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Growing with Kansas for a better tomorrow

Short Stop is proud to offer the first program in Kansas that offsets your carbon emissions at the pump. When you choose to fill up with us, you are making a positive impact for our future.

We offset your tailpipe emissions every time you fill up.

Family-owned and serving Kansas for over 80 years, we are committed to providing the convenience that you need and the service you deserve. Short Stop Grow expands our commitment by offsetting up to 30% of your tailpipe emissions, making it easy for you to reduce your carbon footprint with every visit.

How It Works

We calculate your emissions.

We calculate the carbon emissions of the gas you purchase when you fill up at Short Stop.

We offset your emissions.

We offset your emissions by investing in certified carbon reduction projects.

Together, we serve Kansas.

The Grow program partners with local organizations to ensure a better environment for our community.

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