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Carbon Projects

Offsetting emissions is one more way we’re serving Kansas. Our certified carbon project portfolio ensures that the program has a measurable impact at a local and global level.

What is a carbon offset?

The term “offsetting carbon” is another way to say emissions are cancelled out by environmental projects that capture, destroy, or even prevent carbon emissions. A “carbon offset” is a way to measure that process and equals the reduction, destruction, or capture of one metric ton of CO2e emissions.

What types of projects offset carbon?

Carbon emissions affect every community around the world, so carbon reduction projects come in many forms. We all know trees take carbon out of our air, but a combination of all these methods work together to make an effective difference.

Greenhouse Gas Capture

Greenhouse gases are released when organic matter decomposes in a landfill or as the result of a manufacturing process. This method captures and destroys that gas, keeping it out of the atmosphere.

Alternative Energy

These projects invest in alternative energy technology like wind or solar energy to decrease reliance on traditional emission-heavy energy sources.

Industrial Process

This method invests in new or alternative manufacturing processes that reduce or prevent the amount of greenhouse gases emitted into the atmosphere.


Reforestation projects range from planting new trees to conserving forests with sustainable forestry practices, all focused on increasing the natural storage of carbon.How are carbon projects verified?

How are carbon projects verified?

All the projects Grow™ invests in follow the standards defined by several international environmental organizations. Each project is documented on a public registry that tracks financial investments and verified carbon reduction results.

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