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The Grow™ program makes a local impact by giving back to the Short Stop community.

Grow™ Community Partners

We partner with organizations that prioritize our state’s environment and landscape through responsible conservation, agriculture, and forest management.

Kansas Forest Service

Kansas Forest Service serves the landowners, communities, forest and arboriculture industries, and citizens of the state through protection and management of forests, woodlands, and windbreaks.

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Kansas Land Trust

The Kansas Land Trust protects and preserves lands of ecological, agricultural, scenic, historic, or recreational significance in Kansas. Their mission is to preserve both agricultural and natural landscapes, across the state of Kansas. They work with landowners, communities, and other conservation organizations to protect the state’s natural heritage.

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We’re planting 5,000 trees

Trees play a crucial role in improving the environment, from cleaning the air and water to providing habitats for wildlife. Grow™ has committed to plant 5,000 trees in partnership with Arbor Day Foundation, a step above and beyond our carbon offsetting efforts to better serve our region.

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