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Jari/Para REDD+ Project

The Jari Pará REDD+ Project is a partnership between Biofílica Investimentos Ambientais S.A. and Jari Celulose, belonging to the Jari Group, with the purpose of promoting forest conservation and reducing potential greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) based on a model of local economic development that values the “standing forest” through the integration of Sustainable Forest Management activities and the commercialization of environmental services.

The Project is in the municipality of Almeirim, in the State of Pará, and borders the State of Amapá to the North. There is a very important role in this region as it serves as a home for many rural families and as an ecological corridor, with several Conservation Units (CUs) in its vicinity. It has a very rich biodiversity; its vegetation includes ten forest and non-forest formations and species of extreme ecological and social importance.

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