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Short Stop Grow Hits Home Run For the Environment

February 23, 2021
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We all know Kansas as home. It’s full of sunflowers, wheat fields, sweeping plains and prairies. It’s land we have to take care of, and part of that job is keeping our air clean.

At Short Stop, we’re doing our part by launching the first program in Kansas to offset carbon emissions each time you come and fill your tank. With every fuel up at a Short Stop station, our Grow program offsets 30 percent of your tailpipe emissions. We accomplish this through investments in alternative energy and working alongside local communities like yours.

Short Stop is dedicated to giving back to the planet and our home state of Kansas which is why the Grow program is accessible at all 17 of our fuel locations!

What a 30 percent offset does

It’s hard to think about the impact offsetting even a portion of your gas tank has since we can’t see the carbon dioxide in the air. It’s there though, and Kansas drivers add to it each day. As of January 2021, the average Kansan drives 42.5 miles per day. That’s a little over a gallon of gas in most cars. The average car releases 8,887 grams of CO2 per gallon of gas.

With a little quick (and rough) math, fueling up with Short Stop Grow, means you could offset over 3,500 grams of carbon dioxide each day as an average driver. If we combine the CO2 offset by all the drivers on the road, it adds up to make a positive environmental impact for our future.

It’s also an easy way for you to contribute to the world you live in, reducing your own carbon footprint each time you slide into home at Short Stop.

How planting trees helps

Offsetting car emissions by investing in alternative energy initiatives and contributing to other organizations is where Grow starts, but the program also taps into the local community. Working through greenscape sponsorships and volunteer opportunities with Kansas-based, non-profit partners means Short Stop is making an impact on the air in more ways than one.

Through a partnership with Arbor Day Foundation, Short Stop is committed to planting 5,000 trees. Going back to the math: a single, mature tree can absorb more than 48 pounds of CO2 in a single year. Five thousands trees knock that number up to 2.4 million pounds of harmful carbon dioxide.

These trees add on to the impact Grow is already achieving with carbon offsetting to make an even larger contribution to cleaner air and a better environment.

Rounding the bases for cleaner air

With a clear eye on the details, Short Stop’s Grow program takes a conscientious look at the environment and how to make a lasting impact. What’s even better is how easy it is for you to participate. Simply fuel up at any Short Stop gas station throughout Kansas, and automatically begin offsetting your car’s carbon footprint.

For more details on Short Shop and our Grow initiative, check us out online today.

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